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After “going through” The CHANGE REVELATION experience, management will never go back to their old way of doing things, will stop accepting problems as “part of the process”, and will understand the power in aligning their words and actions and its impact on the bottom line and the culture. This growth and development will occur under any of the options shown below.

  1. Stand-Alone Management Training & Development: If you are looking for management training that really will change how the company is run, look no further.
  2. Management-Focused “Add-On” to any Change Initiative (Six Sigma, Lean, TQM, etc.): Management Teams are short-changed in most change initiatives. Their roles are often defined as “spectators” that wait for progress reports to show up on their desks or attend improvement team meetings as “unarmed” sponsors without the knowledge or skills to remove the barriers that hold teams back. Management Teams need to be active “players” that know how to recognize lost opportunity, remove barriers to improvement, and intentionally build a foundation for sustainable change. The CHANGE REVELATION develops the mindsets and skillsets to meet these challenges and expectations.
    • MEDIUM-LARGE COMPANIES – Topics, exercises and deliverables are equally effective for executive teams, division teams, and management teams at individual plants or facilities. Some material is customized for the executive level.
    • SMALL COMPANIES - Topics, exercises and deliverables will greatly benefit the one team that makes all the decisions and carries all the responsibility for success.
    • SMALL BUSINESS OWNERS - Business coaching is available for business owners that want to connect with its principles but have too small of a staff to fully utilize all components.
  3. For Start-Ups (Companies or Operating Locations in Development or Start-Up Mode): Companies get one chance to create an optimum management system, philosophy and culture from DAY ONE! The CHANGE REVELATION will give the management team a head start in avoiding losses before they occur, optimizing equipment performance, sustaining change, and creating a proactive collaborative culture where people come to work with an attitude of making things better than they were yesterday.
  4. For Mergers & Acquisitions: There are special challenges in blending philosophies, processes and cultures from two different companies. The CHANGE REVELATION is being modified to meet this challenge. It will help acquiring companies blend two cultures into one as part of the merger process. This version is in development.



  • Barrier removal begins when class starts! New mindsets begin forming on Day 1! Hands-on exercises are fun and form new perspectives during class. Teams NEVER GO BACK to their old way of thinking! Insights and skills can be applied immediately in the workplace.
  • We examine management system elements and where barriers to change form. We teach five strategies to remove barriers and set the stage for growth and optimization. We talk openly about management team dynamics - what it means to be a part of the team and how credibility of the team is affected by the way the team interacts with the workforce and each other.
  • TRUTH & TRUST are foundations for problem solving, proactive cultures and sustainable change. Truths about change and the change process are revealed, which helps attendees feel free to speak about problems and things that need to change, maybe for the very first time! Training topics brings teams together and create a shared purpose for success!   
  • We customize options that fit your needs. Please Ask!


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