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The Power of Management Credibility and Its Link to Performance and Culture

Location: On-Site only
Length: One Day Seminar
Number of Participants: unlimited
Materials: Summary of slide content and pages for notes
Follow-Up Monitoring: 3-month follow-up with the ability to make phone calls and send emails to the instructor regarding questions specific to this training content.

Course Description: In business, credibility is everything. Bank loans depend on it, promotions depend on it, and trust and respect depend on it. Credibility is a lagging indicator of management’s ability to “get things done”.  Management teams create expectations for future performance and organizational change. If they frequently fail to follow through as expected, shareholders, the BOD, other members of management and/or the workforce aren’t sure what to believe and begin to doubt the capability of individuals or the team. That’s when trust is lost and management credibility suffers. Once it is lost, it is difficult to rebuild.

Maintaining credibility requires a mindset prepared for the choices required to build and preserve it. This course helps develop that mindset and reveals the connection to performance, culture and change. Actual business cases illustrate how poor management choices and great management choices made the difference between success and failure with change.   


Morning Agenda: Credibility Overview

  • Definition of Credibility
  • Causes of Lost Credibility
  • Credibility as a Key Measure
  • Trading Personal Power for Team Power
  • Losses caused by Low Credibility
  • Real Business Cases that Illustrate Lost Credibility - The Coffee Pot Syndrome, Facility Start-Up Process, The Sacred Go-Live Date, Immovable Targets, others
  • Strategies for Recovering Lost Credibility


Afternoon Agenda: Credibility Assessment

  • Group exercises listing events that caused lost credibility to occur in their companies
  • Group discussion selects the “Top 10” for further exploration by the group.
  • Apply new insights and “a-ha moments” from morning session.
  • Action items to apply in the workplace – specific to each management level.
  • Summary of insights from group discussions, recap of takeaways.


Who Should Attend: Executives, Middle Management, Department Heads and Supervisors


Takeaways include:

  • Raised awareness about the importance of management credibility in the workplace.
  • Awareness of how low management credibility creates barriers to change.
  • Management choices that protect credibility or tear it down.
  • Understanding the link between credibility and capturing potential.


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