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THE PROBLEM: For decades, companies have invested millions of dollars to improve performance and sustain change. Change initiatives like TQM, Six Sigma, and Lean employ excellent tools and processes designed to deliver the projected benefits; as a result, management  promises that millions of dollars in additional profit will materialize.

When results are disappointing, companies blame the initiative and search for another initiative without understanding the real cause of the shortfalls. As time passes, management's credibility is at risk as shortfalls continue.


THE SOLUTION: Understanding your barriers to change is the key to closing THE "GAP" and achieving your goals for change. These barriers steal production and hide equipment capacity. They increase costs and reduce project ROIs. They tear down trust between management and the workforce and make change hard. They add significant risk to the change process and threaten management's credibility. These barriers are NOT REMOVED by change initiatives because they reside on the outside of the scope of improvement work.

MILLIONS OF DOLLARS are lost every year because organizations are not aware of the barriers that sabotage their performance and culture. When people are aware of these barriers, they make different choices and different decisions that change performance, culture and your credibility. That's why BARRIER REMOVAL TRAINING is so important to your overall strategy for change!


The CHANGE REVELATION Barrier Removal Training Experience:

  • Raises awareness about barriers so that you can fill “THE GAP”. 
  • Shows management teams how to recognize and courageously remove barriers that sabotage improvements.
  • Builds a foundation for success and sustainability as the first step in the change process. 
  • Supports and strengthens the impact of change and change initiatives on your organization


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