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If I look back on all the hundreds of projects and scopes of work I have helped my clients with over the past 15 years, there are many successes and wonderful stories to tell about real change, the kind of change based on new mindsets, the kind of change that simultaneously changes culture and performance.

HOWEVER... there were also times when their expectations for change were not met. At those times, I became painfully apparent that the change management tools and processes developed over the past 100 years of process improvement history are inadequate to help companies break free of the barriers that prevent change and "trap" growth potential. My files contain endless stories of what did not work.

There are not 20 reasons for these barriers. There were not even 10 reasons. Regardless of the scope of work (improving equipment productivity, finding hidden equipment capacity, reducing costs, helping departments work more effectively together, designing processes for starting up new operations, improving communications and follow-through, etc.), there are only 2 or 3 root causes of the shortfalls and barriers to change.

It is important to note that seeking to tap potential is a DIFFERENT MISSION from improving performance. Improvement is founded on the past and the events that reduced production and increased costs. Tapping potential is like taking the lid off a jar... It involves understand hidden capacity for growth and what is required to remove "the lid" that prevents you from touching it NOW, starting with a mindset shift from "Can we meet budget?" to "How good can we be?"

Leaders who are entrenched in their business convictions and not open to new ideas are forever trapped in in the jar... Old ideas can't get out and new ideas can't get in. As a result, they adhere to wasteful practices that include working harder and believing that change initiatives and new equipment and systems can pull them from the quicksand.

This dilemma leads us to 3RD Stage Management™, a "change revelation" of epic proportions that gives hope to all those who had given up, and proven results to those who are willing to admit that they don’t possess the answers – and are open to contrarian and counter-intuitive strategies for change that yield extraordinary results.

If you’re willing to accept a new change model outside of your current paradigm, read about 3RD Stage Management™. You’ll be glad you did.

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