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The decision to invest in change ALWAYS involves an expectation of a certain ROI - how many dollars are out there to capture and what percent of that total will be reflected in earnings and cash flow? Barriers to change put millions of dollars at risk. These barriers divide your people and prevent you from tapping into existing excess capacity.

You expect engineering to understand the pitfalls, barriers, hazards and risks attached to projects. Why should change be any different?

ANYTHING that HIDES equipment capacity also increases costs and prevents change!

ANYTHING that DIVIDES people also increases costs and prevents change!

BARRIERS to change DO BOTH of these things!

Your management team will be stronger and more capable if they understand the factors that create risk in the change process. The training we provide arms them (and you) with that information.  



As a CEO, you make promises regarding performance and change. Your words set expectations with the BOD, shareholders, your management team and the workforce. Your credibility soars when expectations are met, but it's damaged when performance falls short or the expected change does not occur.

Likewise, you expect your people to deliver what they promised. You wish they would do what they said they would do and work together more effectively. You expect projects to be managed well, but often projects exceed timelines and budget. You expect people to share openly about problems, but have heard that people are afraid to speak up. You wish it could be different, but have never been able to achieve the change you desire.

If you are a new CEO,
you probably replaced someone who could not solve the same problems you are faced with. Do you know what to do differently to get a different result? Now is the time to understand what's interfering with the change that needs to take place so that you can meet expectations, improve performance and protect your credibility. 



Up to now, the change process has failed management teams because it failed to identify or remove the barriers that prevent success with change. Understanding these barriers is critical to your success. Many of them originate in the management system and can only be removed by management. How does that happen? Through a natural part of the chnage process we call "collisions". When new information, strategies or processes "bump up against" the management system, a collision occurs. At that moment, management the management must make a choice about incorporating that information, strategy or process into their processes for decision-making and managing people and assets. Their choice:

  • Creates or removes a barrier to change.
  • Increases or decreases risk of loss.
  • Makes change go faster or slower.

We teach you about collisions and give you new perspectives and skillsets to manage them. Learning how to "manage your collisions" is an important key to successful change!  

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