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You are closer to your goals for change than you realize. Your perspective may be the only thing holding you back! CHANGE REVELATION components develop new mindsets and skillsets for success with change. You will be amazed to discover what you did not know about change!

  • THE TRUTH ABOUT CHANGE covers the basics of change and sets expectations for challenges that lie ahead – how value is lost, common barriers to change, what will be different, choices that determine success, pitfalls that sabotage many improvement efforts, etc. Both management processes and management beliefs and behaviors are covered.
  • TEN INTERACTIVE CHANGE EXPERIENCE EXERCISES provide “revelation moments” that accelerate change.
  • FIVE OVERARCHING STRATEGIES remove barriers to change one step at a time. Each one can stand alone as a great business practice; when used in combination, management teams are truly armed with mindsets and skill sets to conquer their barriers and sustain change, perhaps for the very first time. Includes a SUSTAINABLE CHANGE MODULE with specific steps that help you preserve gains from projects and behavior changes.
  • BARRIER REMOVAL TOOLS & PROCESSES provide structure to the change process.
  • SITUATIONAL DEVELOPMENT TRAINING lets teams practice with real-life business scenarios.
  • BUSINESS COACHING provides guidance and moral support through the transformation process.
  • “BUILDING AN OPPORTUNITY CULTURE” promotes “revelation thinking”. 40 case studies provide examples of management barriers and the unintended consequences of ignoring or overlooking management barriers.

1 TEAM grounded in trust and credibility will emerge as barriers that steal profits, trust and credibility are removed. All members of management will know the truth about change and the role they must play to optimize performance and change culture. From that point forward, everything will be easier to manage and change. Change will happen faster than you thought possible. You will never want to go back to the way things used to be… and neither will your workforce! 

ABOUT THE COMPONENTS...The components of The Change Revelation have been used successfully with clients for years to help companies and management teams change the way they interact with each other and the workforce. Starting in 2011, the elements were pulled together into a structured program designed to uniquely fill the training gap on change for management teams everywhere. The Change Revelation learning "reveals" the barriers that have been holding companies back and gives them the confidence and skills they need to apply what they learn in their day to day efforts in leading and sustaining change.


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