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Optimization is a lofty goal for any operation. What does that mean on a day to day basis? It means that people are focused on achieving their best performance every single day. Budget goals remain in place, but the entire company works as a team to achieve the best result possible, not just meet budgeted targets. 

The most traveled path to optimization involves sizable investments in new equipment and systems. If the projected gains from these investments do not materialize, we may not understand why and may seek out other systems and equipment that will deliver the desired result. One thing is missing - a collective mindset (tied to culture) that focuses on achieving the best performance every single day. Without an optimization mindset, access will be denied to all the potential gains created by new equipment and systems, no matter the investment to capture them. WHAT IF creating an optimization mindset and “positioning the culture for optimization” was part of your optimization strategy? How much more profit could you capture? 


Traditional management systems are not designed to promote or manage with an optimization strategy. Data is captured and reported for budget/forecast, actuals and prior periods, but is not captured for optimal goals or process capacity. If data related to optimum is captured, a strategy may not be in place to use it effectively. These voids in management trending, reporting and decision processes create hidden barriers to optimization that are difficult to overcome.

Management team beliefs and behaviors are driven by management's mindset. Management's mindset towards optimization (how they define it, what they believe about how to achieve it) has a great impact on whether companies can achieve it. Understanding and removing the barriers that prevent this mindset from forming is essential to your success! If you are striving for optimization, a mindset shift from "Did we meet budget?" to "How good can we be?" positions your team to achieve and sustain an optimization focus. Your people will be able to discuss problems more freely and will choose to work together to solve them. Millions of dollars of potential profit depend on these behaviors. An investment in a barrier removal workshop will yield ROIs that are off the chart!


We help you use data strategically to reveal hidden capacity and track your progress in capturing it. We show you how to use optimization data to avoid expansion capital and evaluate capital requests. Creating an "optimization culture" also requires the strategic and intentional use of KPIs to drive change and we share those strategies with you.  

We teach your people to recognize opportunity in recurring problems. Viewing problems as opportunities is a key part of forming an optimization mindset and culture, a requirement for optimizing equipment performance and cost. Our training materials on this topic apply to the workforce and the management team and we have a lot of experience training both groups. Your management teams will never go back to their old way of thinking about how to achieve and sustain their "best performance" every single day! What would this shift in perspective be worth to profit, culture and credibility?


Before you work with any other consulting firm, call us to learn more! 

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