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NEW!  Spend a Day With Kay - New Perspectives on Old Problems

Location: On-Site or via the web or conference call
Length: ½ Day or Full Day
Number of Participants: unlimited
Follow-Up Consulting/Coaching Available on Request

Session Description: Kay has over 30 years of industry experience and has been consulting in mining improvement for 13 years. Every client asked for a different scope of work, which gave Kay broad experience with solving many different kinds of problems. This is a day where you set the agenda and pick from one of two options. I share new approaches to problem solving and new perspectives on the change process!


OPTION 1: Topics involving improving performance, changing culture and management effectiveness. The discussion will be open and informal. Lots of exchange. Honest communications expected. Options for topics include but are not limited to:

- Data flow, data capture, data communication strategies

- Equipment availability and utilization targets, delay reduction

- Cost reduction strategies

- Project management challenges - people, information sharing, buy-in

- Department collaboration, silos, poor working relationships

- Management team interaction

- Setting and meeting expectations

- Customer/supplier requirements, satisfaction, relationships

- Support/Admin department processes and performance - purchasing, accounting, marketing, permitting, etc.

- Key measures - selection, dynamic combining, communications, targets

- Culture change challenges

Who Should Attend: Executives, Middle Management, Department Heads and Supervisors - management levels involved with the topics on the agenda


OPTION 2: Improvement coordinator coaching. Coordinators share challenges that have been difficult to solve and talk about areas where they lack confidence or are looking for different ways to approach a problem. Bring examples to share. Includes perceptions about the group and coordinator roles.

Who Should Attend: Initiative coordinators, Departments or people that lead change


CALL FOR MORE INFORMATION: 480-545-9095 or 480-223-2230


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