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  • Your people are focused on improving performance, but profits are not increasing as expected.
  • You have invested in the latest equipment and systems to optimize performance, but are still unable to experience the kind of change you expected.  
  • The right projects appear on your project report, but many of them stall and expected benefits have not materialized.
  • You followed the traditional recipe for culture change, but departments are still not working together like they should.
  • People are afraid to talk about problems, but you don't understand why and don't know how to fix it.  
  • You have great people on your management team, but you have trouble building trust with the workforce.

 Did you know that THE SAME 2 or 3 THINGS are the root causes of ALL OF THESE PROBLEMS?  


Executive Management: You lead your company and you are at your wit’s end. Profitability has become increasingly difficult to achieve, despite efforts to reduce costs, invest in new infrastructure and commit resources to change initiatives that promised big returns. You may even desire to achieve optimization but are still waiting for the efficiencies promised by equipment vendors to materialize.     

Your survival depends on a lifeblood of consistent and sustainable revenue coupled with a flow of predictable costs. Your credibility and career depends on it too!

You seek fresh, progressive, and proven solutions that deliver the results you seek, preferably from a nationally recognized expert.

What are you doing to revive your comatose patient? If your answer is: “I’ll wait for demand to increase.", you are forfeiting today's opportunity to have more control over change and the results it can deliver... results powered by innovative management strategies and a culture that most companies only dream of. Think such a culture is not possible to achieve at your company?... Think again!


Division/Middle Management: You, especially, are in a precarious situation. You have made many promises about performance and change that you could not keep. You are left explaining shortfalls from budget or forecast month after month, not really understanding what's preventing equipment from producing at capacity or at projected levels. You have reduced staff and made other cost concessions that should flow directly to the bottom line, but something is happening behind the scenes to offset those gains. You and your people have attended leadership training. The classes were good and seemed to address the needs you had for better communication and follow-up but the culture really hasn't changed since then. Now your credibility is on the line and the job you once loved is not only not fun any more – it’s become a source of stress, ulcers and heartburn. You are not sure what is preventing your success... you just know that something has to change SOON!


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