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We help you transform culture from reactive to proactive so that people make better choices, experience higher job satisfaction and look forward to coming to work every day. With a down economy, it's more important then ever to retain good people. A great culture will help do that! We create a comfort zone for change, which includes building trust within the management team and between management and the workforce. We also help people understand the connection between performance, culture and change. See below for more information about the culture transformation areas we address.      



Understanding the barriers that prevent an optimization mindset from forming is the key to your success! These barriers work behind the scenes to steal profits, hide capacity, interfere with projects and slow change down. All of them involve culture and the management team – how departments work together, expectations, what people believe about change, and the level of trust between management and the workforce or within the management team. Optimization is impossible to achieve without collaboration between departments to solve problems or manage projects. It is also impossible to achieve without trust. Why? Because without trust, the most important problems will only be discussed behind closed doors.



The mindset of your people have a lot to do with the profits you report and the problems you solve. Millions of dollars are lost annually because departments do not work together and do not try to deliver what other departments need. We use Process Orientation to bring people together and create a single mindset that takes down barriers and promotes collaboration.  



Collisions occur daily at every mine, plant and corporate office. We are not talking about haul trucks colliding in the pit, water trucks colliding on the tailings dam or delivery trucks colliding in the warehouse parking lot. These collisions don't require an incident report or investigation. They are virtual, impact the bottom line and the culture, and are a natural part of the change process. SO... what is a collision? A collision occurs when change bumps up against the management system - either management processes or the management team. Management's response to a collision for the culture and either accelerates change or shuts it down. Learning how to manage collisions to create the desired culture will add millions of dollars to the bottom line and maximize the benefit of shifting a culture from reactive to proactive. 



If you are serious about optimizing performance, trust must form part of your culture foundation. Trust opens doors to free communication about what needs to be fixed. Without trust, important problems go unaddressed and are only talked about behind closed doors. Without trust between management and the workforce, access to growth potential is denied. The relationship between trust and optimization is undeniable but it is seldom considered as a non-negotiable element of change. 


Stop Improvement Sabotage!  Start Creating the Bottom Line and Culture You Desire!  

When management teams learn how to recognize and remove the barriers that prevent optimization and make change harder and slower, amazing things happen to performance, culture and their own credibility! If you want full access to your upside potential, you must learn more about my approach to culture change and performance optimization. Your management teams will never go back to their old way of thinking about how to achieve and sustain their best performance every single day! 


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