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Let's say you own a race car. You have invested A LOT OF MONEY AND TIME to create a winning car. The car is ready to race, but the track isn't. It's filled with potholes, downed tree limbs or traffic cones. If you put the car on the track without removing the barriers and hazards, you will be forced to drive slow. For the best result, you would "clear the track", then put the peddle to the metal and see what your car could really do!
CHANGE IS LIKE THAT! Change initiatives are like race cars. They come equipped with excellent tools and processes designed to facilitate change and improve performance. You expect huge returns on your investment in change, but often results fall short of expectations. Could it be that barriers and hazards steal the benefits that initiatives were designed to deliver? We believe that the answer to this question is a resounding YES!
Change initiatives don't come Did you know that change initiatives don't come with barriers... they are implemented in the midst of barriers! This is why change seems hard. If you could remove these barriers BEFORE you make process changes, everything that you try to change would be easier and go faster! Without a process for removing these barriers and roadblocks, CHANGE WILL ALWAYS BE SLOW.

WHAT IF YOU COULD "CLEAR THE TRACK" during the change process so that change could go a lot faster? WHAT IF you could make barrier removal a scope of work? NOW YOU CAN! Our process for change acceleration is UNLIKE ANY OTHER! 

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