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When the Lights Went Out, The Game Stopped

You probably know about the power outage during the Superbowl. The game was full of action and players were giving it their all, but suddenly, one thing that everyone takes for granted during a game failed - the lights. When the lights went out, the game stopped. At that moment, the most talented football players or the most famous coaches in history could not have restarted the game. The chance for either team to win hinged on power being restored.

Change can be stopped just as quickly. Out of nowhere an unexpected comment or reaction by management to an event can shut change down. People will continue to follow new process steps but the kind of change that comes from the mind and heart, from trusting each other in the workplace will stop. Unlike restoring power, this kind of change is MUCH HARDER to get started again than it was the last time because the trust to build on is gone. Restoring trust takes more time that it took to build it the first time. Even the most effective leader cannot flip a switch and restore trust. It takes special effort and processes designed for that purpose - something to consider as your team moves forward with a change initiative.


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