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What Do The Super Bowl and Management Teams Have In Common?

On Super Bowl Sunday, all eyes follow two teams that earned the right to play because they demonstrated strong teamwork over and over again. How many teams would make it to the Super Bowl if the team members did not trust each other? What if grudges off the field affected the execution of plays during the game? Let's say that a quarterback and running back had a disagreement the day before the big game. During the game, the quarterback decided not to throw the ball to the running back because he did not want the running back to get credit for the touchdown. As a result, the quarterback was tackled and the team lost the game. Would the team be willing to trust the quarterback in future games? Would the fans abandon their team because of this action?

Trust is a critical element in any sports team. Without it, THERE IS NO TEAM because the team recognizes that trust is directly related to the ability to execute plays, score and win games. Trust is just as important to business success, but somehow business is willing to accept a lack of trust as "just the way it is here", "part of the politics here" or as "our culture". How many management teams work with team members they don't trust? How does this lack of trust affect communications, problem solving, the success of projects and profits? How often do workforces "abandon" management teams that have trust issues? In sports, the losses associated with mistrust are understood. Trust is just as critical in business, but business does not put a high enough priority on trust because the financial and cultural losses associated with mistrust are not understood.

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