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Managing Collisions – The Most Effective Way to Drive Sustainable Change

Collisions occur every day at every business. We are not talking about collisions on highways, in the air or on the sea. These collisions don't require a police report or investigation by the FAA or OSHA. They are virtual and happen behind the scenes. They are a natural part of the change process, but are outside the scope of change initiatives. What happens after a collision either promotes change, makes change harder or shuts change down. They occur at every management level when change bumps up against the management system - either management processes or management beliefs & behaviors. Knowing how to manage these collisions is the secret to sustainable change.

If we were sitting in a room together talking about collisions, you could come up with many examples that have impacted your efforts to improve performance or change culture. You may not have had a name for them, but each story would demonstrate the hidden power residing with management to intentionally manage the aftershocks of collisions. I believe that managing collisions is the "final frontier" of change. Management's greatest contribution to change lies in their perspectives about collisions and their skills in responding to create the result intended for performance and culture.

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