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Everything Is Easier with “Straight Line Change”!

Cones and other barriers on the road make you drive slower. You swerve to miss them and must drive slow to avoid skidding or being unable to stop quickly. Under these circumstances, you cannot drive at the highway speed that your car is capable of reaching. When a road contains hazards, you "accept" the hazards as something you just have to put up with. You are frustrated knowing that your trip will take a lot longer than necessary to complete.

The same goes for change. Barriers to change make you go slower and prevent your car from reaching efficient operating speeds. Barriers make change take a LOT LONGER! Like the barriers on a road, we accept the fact that part of our challenge will be reaching our goals for change while working around the barriers that make change hard. This is especially true if the barriers come from the management system - either from management processes or the management team.

If we had removed barriers on the road, we could have driven faster and straighter, and arrived at our destination relaxed and on time. Likewise, if we REMOVE management's barriers to change, everything we do is easier and change goes a lot faster. I call it "Straight Line Change"! Few people experience it, but when they do, they NEVER go back to their old way of thinking or working together!

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