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Change Your Perspective… Change Your Performance!

Have you ever noticed how a person's viewpoint influences what they say and do? It defines what they believe and what people believe about them. Our perspective on change has the same kind of impact. What we believe about change and our role in change determines what we say to others about change or about their ability to change. It affects relationships between departments and either builds trust or causes mistrust within the management team and between management and the workforce.

Some people think that process improvement drives most change. In fact, management's words and actions are the most powerful influence on change and can unintentionally sabotage good process improvement work. If management teams understand their barriers to change, they can very easily remove them. When they do, change accelerates and they have a much greater chance of capturing potential, reducing costs, managing projects, changing culture and building strong teams. Sometimes it is as simple as changing how a management tool is used in the workplace or changing what is said in a meeting to bring people together.

The upside attached to new perspectives is great. You are closer than you think to achieving your goals for change... all you may need is a new perspective!

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