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The Performance-Culture Connection: The Secret to Capturing Potential and Successful Change

Location: On-Site only
Length: One or Two Day Seminar (optional 2nd day is hands-on practice with course concepts) - Content can be condensed for Keynote Delivery
Number of Participants: unlimited
Materials: Summary of slide content (Day 1), Case study workbook (Optional Day 2)
Follow-Up Monitoring: 3-month follow-up with the ability to make phone calls and send emails to the instructor regarding questions specific to this training content.

Course Description: We depend on process changes to capture upside potential because we have been told that's how change works. What about the culture? Does it contribute to growth and capturing potential? More than you can imagine... in fact, without the proper mindset, it is not possible to capture and sustain potential improvements. Many barriers to change are created by wrong mindsets about potential; many of these mindsets come from the management system.

It is possible to develop an "optimization culture" if the barriers that prevent a collective mindset shift are removed. This session reveals many hidden barriers to change, most of which come from the management system. It also illustrates the importance of a dual focus (process and culture) by management during the change process. Understanding these barriers empowers management teams to remove them and minimize their risk of loss during the change process.

1-Day Or 2-Day Workshop - Can be Condensed for Keynote Delivery

Day 1 Agenda: Review of Barriers to Change

• Why barriers to change are important to recognize and remove

• Barriers that are created unintentionally by management teams

• How management barriers impact decisions about budgeted targets and expansion capital, access to hidden capacity and growth potential, trust between management and the workforce and within management teams, interaction between departments, shifts from reactive to proactive cultures, project management (teamwork, timelines, ROIs and contingencies), the ability to change, and management credibility.


Day 2 Agenda (Optional): Situational Awareness Training

• Case Studies based on real-life business scenarios

• Apply new insights and “a-ha moments” from Day 1 when reviewing cash studies

• Group exercises and discussions about actions required to remove barriers

• Gives attendees a chance to “practice” new choices when it doesn’t count

• Summary of insights from group discussions, recap of takeaways.


Who Should Attend: Executives, VPs, Managers and Department Heads

Takeaways include:

• New awareness about barriers that may have been plaguing performance for years.

• Strategies to improve performance without investing in systems or equipment.

• Different perceptions about management’s role in change.

• New understanding of how barrier removal “grants access” to potential and growth.

• New expectations about the benefits that change initiatives can deliver.

• New perspectives that can be applied in the workplace the very next day.

• New questions will be asked by the management team about the change process.

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