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  • Five-Day BARRIER REMOVAL TRAINING for Management Teams
  • CONSULTING SUPPORT – Management Tool/Process Design & Implementation


One-Day Workshops

  • Introduce the Barrier Concept and the Impact of Barrier Removal on performance and culture.
  • Set Expectations for what the training will impact and what will be different.

Five-Day Barrier Removal Training for Management Teams

  • Strategies for managing change provide a platform for growth – one day per strategy!
  • Takeaways will fill gaps in each team’s processes.
  • Build a stronger team in DAYS… not weeks or months!
  • Interactive exercises create new perspectives during class.
  • Teams NEVER GO BACK to their old way of thinking!
  • TRUTH and TRUST are discussed as foundations for successful change.
  • Barrier removal skills build confidence, bring the team together and create a shared purpose.
  • Teams learn to make NEW CHOICES that create the intended result.

Extended Coaching Support

  • Flexible Retainers for extended coaching support as teams go through their transformation process – mix of on-site and remote.
  • Trusted Advisor for solving specific problems and taking on difficult issues for the first time.
  • Building courage is part of the work. Often problems aren’t solved for years because people lack courage to talk about them or take action.Coaching support is a real asset for this need.
  • The lower the trust level between layers of management, the greater the need for a trusted advisor that can help break down the barriers between layers and initiate a healthy communication flow.

Consulting – Management Tool/Process Design & Implementation

  • Planning/Training
  • Key Measures
  • Process Optimums
  • Control/Response Plans
  • Budgets/Forecasts
  • Equipment Productivity Tracking
  • Expansion Capital Placement
  • Expectations
  • Communications
  • Problem Solving
  • Project Management


We customize options that fit your needs. Please Ask!


CALL FOR MORE INFORMATION – office: 480-545-9095, cell: 480-223-2230

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